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    In the seach of skin for Micro and Nano Zonkerflies we found this little animal.. The hair is about 4 – 6mm, the spikehair is shiny and the leather is ultra thind.. Very easy to cut, and its swimming perfectly in the water, now its possible to make small troutflies with a zonkerwing.. Its also perfect for smaller summerflies for Salmon & Seatrouts.. There are very few skins available.. We have it in 6 colours..
    Varenummer: 800-000

    Vejl. salgspris 262,00 DKK

    Billede Farve Varenummer  
    Black 800-001
    Olive 800-002
    Golden Olive 800-003
    Sunburst 800-004
    Orange 800-005
    Burnt Orange 800-006

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