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    FF American Ondatra

    FF American Ondatra

    It is with great joy we introduce these skins to the flytiers around the world. The hair on these skins are up to 2cm long, it has shiny spikehairs and the leather is very thind. Perfect for small and even big Zonkerflies.. We have been using these skin for many years, but it has always been a hard to get product. We have it now in 6 realy cool colors.. Comes in half pelts so you can cut your zonker strips as you like theme..
    Varenummer: 3100-000

    Vejl. salgspris 219,00 DKK

    Billede Farve Varenummer  
    Olive 3100-002
    Black 3100-003
    Brown 3100-004
    Phatagorva/Dark Dust 3100-006
    Sunburst 3100-001

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