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FF American Saddle

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These saddles are just perfect for all kinds of flies, there are small feathers and bigger feathers, so you are able to tie many different kind and size of flies in one saddle.. And here we are talking about a very high quality of Hen feathers.. Comes only in pure colors
Billede Farve Varenr.
Red 1960-001
Yellow 1960-002
King Fisher Blue 1960-003
Orange 1960-004
Black 1960-005
Pink 1960-007
Chartreuse Green 1960-008
Burnt Orange 1960-009
Light Ginger 1960-010
Fl.Orange Grizzly 1960-011
King Fisher Blue Grizzly 1960-015
Fiery Brown 1960-017
Sunburst 1960-018
FL. Yellow/Chartreuse 1960-019
Golden Olive 1960-023

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