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XL US Tube


FutureFly US Tube

FF Tube - 3mm soft Glitter

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- We have a wide selection of colours. Fluorescent colours are very bright! We have two sizes available. It comes in 200 mm pieces. The 1,8mm Tube fits into the 3mm tube. It’s soft so you can mount the hook directly into the tube at the end of your fly.
Billede Farve Størrelse Varenr.
FL. Red Silver Glitter 3 mm 900-020
Silver Blue Glitter 3 mm 900-024
Clear Red Glitter 3 mm 900-027
Clear with extra Glitter 3 mm 900-028
Clear Green Red Silver Glitter 3 mm 900-029
Pink with Glitter 3 mm 900-032
Blue with Blue Glitter 3 mm 900-033
Green with Green Glitter 3 mm 900-034
Orange with Orange Glitter 3 mm 900-035
Midtnight Star 3 mm 900-036
Black/Silver 3 mm 900-038
Banana/Gold 3 mm 900-041

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