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FF Nutria

FF Nutria is a high quality product. Very popular for lightdressed salmon flies. Also perfect for a lot of Coastal flies. The spikehair is tapered and hollow. They are dyed on light natural pelts, witch gives it a nice and cool look between the color and the dark spots on the spikehair Comes in a big piece

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RRP: DKK99.00

Image Color SKU
Naturel 4300-004
Yellow 4300-005
Red 4300-006
Sunburst 4300-007
Hot Orange 4300-008
Chartreuse 4300-009
Fiery Brown 4300-010
Black 4300-011
Olive 4300-012
Light Ginger 4300-013
Cream 4300-014
Grey 4300-015
Salmon Pink 4300-016
Fl. Chartreuse 4300-017

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