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FF Predator Flash

FF Predator Flash is perfect for perch - seatorut - baitfish flies. Very easy too work with. You can cut it in the shape you like.. It´s a big pack Extremely Strong

Availability: In stock

RRP: DKK38.00

Image Color SKU
Blue 3030-001
Black UV 3030-002
Fl. Pink 3030-003
Fl. Chartreuse 3030-004
Ice Blue 3030-005
Ice Pearl 3030-006
Flash Olive 3030-007
Red 3030-008
Teal 3030-009
UV Fl. Pink 3030-010
Golden Olive 3030-013
Black Peacock 3030-014
Black 3030-015
Olive 3030-016
Purple 3030-017
Tan 3030-018
Dark Olive 3030-019
Grey 3030-020

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