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FF Tube - 3mm soft Glitter

We have a wide selection of colours. Fluorescent colours are very bright! Tubes with glitter gives you a cool looking fly It comes in 200 mm pieces. We where the first to introduce plastic tubes with glitter on the market There are 10 pieces in a pack
Image Color Choose Size SKU
Magenta/Milky 3 mm 900-018
FL. Green Gold Glitter 3 mm 900-019
Silver Blue Glitter 3 mm 900-024
Clear Silver Red Glitter 3 mm 900-026
Clear Green Red Silver Glitter 3 mm 900-029
Blue with Blue Glitter 3 mm 900-033
Green with Green Glitter 3 mm 900-034
Midtnight Star 3 mm 900-036
Pink/Gold 3 mm 900-045

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