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FF Tungsten UfoDisc

FF Tungsten UfoDisc is a product of request. We had so many flytiers around the wolrd that asked us to produce it. We startet making the mould, and here it is.. The perfect Tungsten disc:-) Fits perfectly on our 1,8mm Plastic Tube. 0,36gram pr disc 10 discs in a pack

Availability: In stock

RRP: DKK42.00

FF Tungsten UfoDisc
Image Color SKU
Silver 1355-001
Copper 1355-002
Fl. Orange 1355-004
Dark Red 1355-005
Pingo/Yellow 1355-006
Metallic Golden Orange 1355-007
Metallic Red 1355-008
Metallic Yellow 1355-009
Mat Metallic Yellow 1355-010
Mat Metallic Olive 1355-012

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