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Bead, discs & cones

Bead, discs & cones

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  1. Predator ConeHeads

    They are 10mm and have a holesize in 4,7mm, so they fit perfectly on the Predator Tubes wich are 4,6mm, the weight is 0,60grams, so they are easy to cast. To start with we made theme in Silver-Gold-Black - Mat Metallic Olive - Mat Metallic Red - Metallic Golden Orange These Coneheads are very high quality 10 in a pack
  2. MV-Disc

    MV-Disc is our first product in moulded plastic parts. MV Disc gives your fly more volume. And when fishing in slow streams you always have contact with your fly.. For seatrout fishing at night this is a little revolution. The summer 2015 we testet it and with great result.. It comes in 2 sizes with a funnel hole in 1,9mm so the collar on the liner and disc is smooth. 10 in a pack
  3. FutureFly UfoDisc

    FF Ufo disc is brilliant for small and medium size flies. It gives your fly a good volume in the water and finnish of the flies very nicely. The 6mm fits perfetly on our 1,8mm liner. And the 8mm fits on the 3mm plastubes 10 in a pack
  4. FF Tungsten UfoDisc

    FF Tungsten UfoDisc is a product of request. We had so many flytiers around the wolrd that asked us to produce it. We startet making the mould, and here it is.. The perfect Tungsten disc:-) Fits perfectly on our 1,8mm Plastic Tube. 0,36gram pr disc 10 discs in a pack
  5. FF Tungsten Nano UfoDisc

    We made our extremely popular Nano Disc in tungsten.. If you want to get a little bit more weight on your small flies these new Nano Tungsten Disc is perfect.. They fit perfectly on our 1,8mm palstic tubes.. 0,18gram pr disc 10 disc in a pack
  6. FF Tungsten Bead

    FF Tungsten beads is extremely popular. It gets your fly down in no time.. It fits perfectly on our 1,8mm liner 10 in a pack
  7. FF Nano UfoDisc

    The Nano Ufo came to our mind in Norway August 2012, low water, clear like gin, that was the condition we where fishing Lakselv at.. The tubeflies was so small, and then we realized we needed this NanoDisc.. It work very very good on the small tubeflies, but also on bigger flies it works.. To finnish of a fly with this little disc is just to easy.. FF Nano Ufo Disc is 4,5mm with a holesize in 1,9mm 10 in a pack
  8. FF HybridCone

    The FF HybridCone is a fusion between a Traditional Conehead and a Disc. We wanted to make a Conehead that in the same time gives the fly some weight, but also allows more water to be pushed away from the fly, to give the materials more movement in the water. And then has this cool design that just finnish you fly of in a perfect way.. Comes in 4mm 6mm and 8mm. Comes with a holesize in 1,9mm 10 in a pack
  9. FF Drainer Disc

    The FF Drainer Disc is the first of its kind to be seen on the Flytying market, its made out of brass and comes in many colors.. The idear was to make a Disc/Conehead that allows water to slip through the head to make more movement and some Sonic vibrations, but in the same time, push the water away from the fly to make even more movement in the materials like our FF Ufo Disc… In the 8mm version you can also feel when lifting it out of the water it slips the water easier. There are many possibilities with the FF Drainer Disc, try pull some rubberlegs out through holes, it looks crazy in the water. Comes with a holesize in 1,9mm 10 in a pack
  10. FF Brass Beads

    FF Brass Beads can be used as a body, under the wing as weight and in front of the fly. FF Brass Beads fits our 1,8mm tube perfectly, and they are in a quality of its own. The Flourocent color is very bright and realy lights up in the daylight. It comes in 4mm and 5mm with a holesize in 1,9mm. 15 in a pack
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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