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  1. FF Shrimp Shells

    FF Shrimp Shells. There are 12 pieces Shrimp shells in a pack These shells are strong and easy to use. Gives your shrimp a little extra cool look
  2. FF Signature AH

    FF Signature Angel Hair is made out of 2 syntetic materials, we have blend it with something “secret” to give it more volume in the wing. We use it as flash in the wing. Comes in 19 colors
  3. FF Star Flash

    The new star flash is a mixture of Kringle Mylar – Flat holographic Mylar – and Metallic Mylar The mixture makes this flash perfect for flies with a lot of flash because it will not stick together like flash with only flat mylar.. Its very reflective, just like a “Star” :-) The StarFlash is 180mm in length
  4. FF-Thread Signature 200+

    FF Thread Signature 200+ is a strong, thind polyester thread. The 200+ is a 10/0 thread and will be the perfect choise for many flytiers. You can tie the intire fly with it, or you can use it only to finnish of the head on the fly. It comes in a pack of 12 spools
  5. Future Fibre

    FF Futurefibre is a classisc Flourofibre material. Very cool colours. Here you get up 5 times more than you are used to buy. Can be used as tail on salmon/seatrout flies, but try mix it in a wing, as a back on a shrimp or in a baitfish pattern
  6. FutureFly Polar Flash

    FF Polar Flash is made out syntetic fibre and big Angel Hair. When its in the water it gets soft, and transparent. Its very strong. Perfect for Pikeflies and Baitfish. And also we use it as a underwing in our Tanukiflies, its lifting the wing perfectly. But it can be used in many ways and you can trim it as you like.
  7. Round Rubber Legs

    FF Rubberlegs is round with black spots. It has a good movement in the water. Perfect for many seatroutflies
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Items 11 to 19 of 19 total

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