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  1. FF Hackle Tool

    This hackle tool has been under developing for a few years. The magic is in the shape.. This little tool it so easy to tie in a hackle
  2. FF Multi Knife

    Our Multi knife is the perfect knife when cutting zonkerstrips. Very good balance and controll in the hand. Comes with 10 blades and pouch
  3. FF Multi Lamp

    This is a master piece, you can switch from normal Daylight (LED) to UV Light. It´s very strong and cure every UV Glue in seconds Comes with our popular toolrack

    3M UV protection

  4. FF Multi Needle

    FF Mulit needle is made of the finest japanese steel. It will last a lifetime. Perfect tapering and with rubberhandle
  5. FF Predator Neddles

    Our Predator needle comes with an adapter. It holds our predator tubes perfectly..
  6. FF Standart Bobbin

    FF Standart Bobbin With a good grip. Smooth tube and perfect size.
  7. FF Tubefly Adapter

    FF Tubefly Adapter is the perfekt tool when you want to tie tubeflies but don´t have Tubevise. It comes with a Medium FF Tube neddle
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Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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