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    Tubes & weights

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    1. FF 'Hotlips' SculpinHeads

      These are realy funny to tie with, it makes your fly look very sexy… And for the fishing it is very cool, it get this jiggin movement in the water.. Good for troutflies and coastflies… Its 6mm and the eye socket is 2,3mm Comes in 3 Mat colours.
    2. FF AttiTubes

      Attitubes is basically a US-Tube in black with a striking point. These are good if you don´t need body of dubbing. Very fast and easy flies can be tied on these ones. Comes in 3 sizes 6mm 10mm 13mm
    3. FF Balance Tungsten Tubes

      FF tungsten Balance tube is the perfekt way to weight your tubeflies with a littlebit more weigth than our US-Tube. It is now possible to get a good amount of weigth up in front of your fly for good balance, without being to bulky.. Comes in 2 - 4 - 6mm
    4. FF IC Tubes

      Our FF IC Tubes are made for the heavy flies. Its perfect for all kinds of snelda flies. It needs a liner in 1,8mm
    5. FF Low Water tube

      FF Low Water Tube is for very light flies, it makes it easy to make small flies. When you are fishing with a free swinging hook the silicone to protect the knot will go into the tube
    6. FF Predator Tubes

      The new 4,6mm Predator Tube is a flexible tube in the same material as our 3mm plastic tube.. The innerdiameter is 3mm.. That means that our 3mm Plastic tube fits perfectly into the new Predator Tube.. The tube is 200mm in length
    7. FF Stainless Steel Tubes

      Our FF Stainless Steel Tubes is perfect for a fly with slim body. Some of the best Seatrout flies are made on these tubes. Outside diameter is 1,85mm It comes with a liner
    8. FF Tube - 3mm soft Glitter

      We have a wide selection of colours. Fluorescent colours are very bright! Tubes with glitter gives you a cool looking fly It comes in 200 mm pieces. We where the first to introduce plastic tubes with glitter on the market
    9. FutureFly Silicone

      - The FF Silicone is a very soft and tight hookguide.. It comes in different colours all at 20mm length so you can cut it as you like.. You use is mounted on the 1,85mm tubes or you can use it with a free fished hook as a knotcontrol
    10. FutureFly Soft Knot Control

      - Small siliconetube to be cut in the length you need to secure your knot on the hook, when you are fishing it free swinging.
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    Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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