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    FF Signature Dubbing

    Quick Overview

    - FF Signature Dubbing is a dream come true. In corporation with one of the best manufacture of syntetic materials in the USA ,we made this fantastic dubbing. Its made of 3 kinds of materials, 2 syntetic and one natural. And because of the natural material it becomes transparent in the water. This dubbing is made only for FutureFly, and it has been a lot of work finding the rigth combinations. Now its here! We have it in 18 colors.
    Image Color SKU
    Mørrum Orange 2000-001
    Red Fox 2000-002
    Em Purple 2000-003
    Just Chartreuse 2000-004
    Em Burning 2000-006
    GrassHopper 2000-007
    Mørrum Copper 2000-009
    Spring Green 2000-011
    Karneval 2000-012
    Just Orange 2000-013
    Midtnight Star 2000-015
    Antique 2000-016
    Autum Green 2000-018
    Too Cool 2000-019

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