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Round Chenille

Round Chenille

Availability: In stock

RRP: DKK15.00

Image Color Size SKU
10-White 2 mm PRC2-10
100-Red 2 mm PRC2-100
101-Pink 2 mm PRC2-101
102-Orange 2 mm PRC2-102
110-Yellow 2 mm PRC2-110
2 mm PRC2-120
121-Fluo Yellow 2 mm PRC2-121
122-Fluo Orange 2 mm PRC2-122
123-Fluo Pink 2 mm PRC2-123
124-Fluo Fuxia 2 mm PRC2-124
20-Black 2 mm PRC2-20
53-Tan 2 mm PRC2-53
59-Light Brown 2 mm PRC2-59
60-Brown 2 mm PRC2-60
70-Olive 2 mm PRC2-70
125-Fluo Red 2 mm PRC2-125
40-Gray 2 mm PRC2-40
41-Blue Dun 2 mm PRC2-41
47-Ocra 2 mm PRC2-47
48-Sand 2 mm PRC2-48
49-Creme 2 mm PRC2-49
69-Dark Olive 2 mm PRC2-69
71-Light Olive 2 mm PRC2-71
72-Light Green 2 mm PRC2-72
74-Golden Olive 2 mm PRC2-74
79-Light Blue 2 mm PRC2-79
80-Blue 2 mm PRC2-80
90-Purple 2 mm PRC2-90
92-Claret 2 mm PRC2-92
93-Light Purple 2 mm PRC2-93

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