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Salmon & Seatrout

Want to catch Salmon or Seatrout with FutureFly flytying materials? On this page we have selected flytying products that are particularly suitable for catching Salmon&Setraout in rivers.

No matter if you are chasing Salmon or Seatrout on the fly, we have all you need. We like simple flies and with our Flytying materials for Salmon&Seatrout you get a good selection of flytying materials that are based on simple - and fishy flies in high quality. We will be adding new flytying materials and products all the time to this category. Salmon&Seatrout fishing in rivers is in our DNA - and Seatrout fishing in the night time runs in our blood...

Salmon & Seatrout

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  1. American Opossum

    - superb hair for average sized flies. Slightly curly underwool with longer and shiny spike hairs, almost like polar bear. Its soft, but not to soft. From mother natures hand this type of hair has got black tips. This is the best skind we have seen in a very long time, and the popularity is growing every day. The American Opussum is here to stay.
  2. FF Artificial Jungle Cock

    These Jungle Cock subs we have been working on a couple of years now. The hard part was to find the way to lazer cut theme so they would be very thind in the "stem" just like a nautral feather, and we found the way:-) They are made of one layer very strong fabric and are moving very well in the water. They vill never split in 2 We made them in 4 size, and packed them with 48 eyes in each pack. .

  3. FF Balance Tungsten Tubes

    FF tungsten Balance tube is the perfekt way to weight your tubeflies with a littlebit more weigth than our US-Tube. It is now possible to get a good amount of weigth up in front of your fly for good balance, without being to bulky.. Comes in 2 - 4 - 6mm
  4. FF Signature Hen Saddle

    We have been searching for feathers for our Micro and Nano flies.. And now we found theme.. And in a very high quality. It comes in a hole saddle, and there are feathers to many flies in one saddle.. Perfect also for medium size flies We have theme in both Grizzly and pure colors.. We believe these saddles will be the new “Cult”
  5. FF Supreme Goat

    - FF Supreme Goat is a very high qaulity goat for sunrays and other flies with a long wing. No burnt tips and very bright and clear colours.
  6. FF Tungsten Bead

    FF Tungsten beads is extremely popular. It gets your fly down in no time.. It fits perfectly on our 1,8mm liner 10 in a pack
  7. FF Wild Boar

    Our wildboar is a high quality product. We only get white Wild Boar so there are no bleaching. There are few black spots on the pelts, so some colour shades can appear. We have in 4 colours. It´s a big pack.
  8. Marble Fox

    Marble Fox is soft, but not to soft. The hair is betwen 8-11cm. And some up to 15cm. The best material for seatrout and salmon flies. Limited stock. There are very few marble fox on the market, we have it in some very good colors.
  9. Nordic Tube Single

    Modified Sproat bend, wide gape, x-strong hook, ideal for salmon, sea trout and steelhead tube patterns. Black Nickel Finish / Straight-Eye. Sizes: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 10 hooks in pack
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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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