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FF Tanuki is one of the best qaulity available on the market, its soft with stiffer spikehair, perfect for overwing in smaller flies.. It is also perfect for big pikeflies.. Like our FF ShadowFox the leather is thind, so it can be used as a Zonkerwing for bigger flies. We have some dyed on beige/Natural and some in pure colors on white.. There can be a little bit differences in the colors on the Beige/natural. In one piece there are to many flies.

Availability: In stock

RRP: DKK110.00

Image Color SKU
Dark Ginger 700-001
Golden Olive 700-002
Olive 700-003
Black 700-004
Sunburst 700-005
Burnt Orange 700-007
Orange 700-008
Golden Beiss 700-009
Kingfisher Blue 700-010
White 700-011
Mangenta Pink 700-012
Chartreuse 700-013
Red 700-014
Phatagorva/Dark Dust 700-015
Yellow 700-016

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