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FF Unique Trout Dubbing

Unique Trout Dubbing UT Dubbing has already become a favorite for many troutfishermen, Its very easy to work with, it has a nice natural look, with a few shiny hair in it. The colours are very earthy, perfect for classic wetflies, Nymph and Dryflies This natural dubbing can only be found in the Futurefly range of products

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RRP: DKK39.00

Image Color SKU
Black 3400-001
Blue 3400-002
Burnt Orange 3400-005
Golden Olive 3400-006
Cinnamon Brown 3400-008
Orange 3400-009
Purple 3400-010
Yellow Orange 3400-011
Naturel Grey 3400-012
Turmeric Brown 3400-013
Naturel Pink 3400-014

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